U-Turn Utah

Utah's leaders need to make a U-turn from a reckless path that puts the state's recreation economy and jobs at risk.

Utah is running a $4.6 million advertising campaign encouraging people to visit the state’s national parks and public lands. Utah’s new TV ad, “Road to Mighty,” reminds viewers from around the country that America’s public lands in Utah “belong to you...this is your birthright.”

But Utah’s state leaders are trying to seize our “birthright” American public lands.

The state is planning to sue the federal government in an attempt to take over outdoor spaces that belong to all of us. If that happens, Utah will likely have to close access for hiking, biking, and hunting, and sell our public lands to private developers to pay for the added management costs. And in the process, all Americans could permanently lose access to our public lands in Utah.

5 Mighty Reasons to U-Turn Utah