Who’s Responsible

  • Governor Gary Herbert

    Signed law funding $14 million dollar lawsuit to force Americans to dispose of national public lands into state and private hands.

    Contributed $10,000 to defense of county commissioner who damaged archaeological sites in pristine canyon.

    Failed to provide much-needed leadership within Utah to find constructive and collaborative solutions around public lands and natural resources.

  • Representative Rob Bishop

    Founded the Federal Lands Action Group, a faux committee pushing the lands seizure scheme through the U.S. Congress

    Leader of the Anti-Parks Caucus in Congress, going to great lengths to undermine America’s public lands legacy.

    Fought to kill the Land & Water Conservation Fund, a critical fund to help make our parks and other public lands whole.

    Public Lands Initiative bill proposes a massive giveaway of national public lands to oil drillers.

    Disrespects and disregards Utah’s Native American tribes.

  • Rep. Jason Chaffetz

    Introduced H.R. 621 and 622, which would give away public lands and put park rangers at risk.

    Supports eviscerating the Antiquities Act, one of America’s most important conservation laws.

    Requested Congressional appropriators de-fund Bears Ears National Monument, putting it at further risk from looters and vandals.

  • State Rep. Mike Noel

    Alongside Rep. Ivory, Representative Mike Noel is one of the elected leaders in Utah spearheading the land seizure effort.

    Has a long history of disrespecting Utah tribes, including backing an illegal ATV ride through sensitive lands, and accusing Utah Native Americans of wrongdoing after advocating for conservation measures at cultural sites.